Brand Refresh for Boston Market

Team: Luisa Conifer (CBM), Caitlin Kearney (Strategist), Kevin Fitz (Copywriter), Anna Andreen (Art Director), Brandi Thomspson (XD)

Situation: Boston Market’s business has been attacked by up and down market competitors.

With the rapid rise of a myriad of fast casual competitors, Boston Market has had its menu items flanked by most types of cuisine. At the same time, grocery stores have mimicked the home-style offerings of Boston Market. While these offerings lack great taste, they beat Boston Market in terms of cost and convenience. At the same time, most consumers love Boston Market’s offerings, but they haven’t been to a restaurant in years. Boston Market needs to begin a new chapter or it will become a part of history.

Problem: Consumers love Boston Market’s food, but it has fallen by the wayside in their minds. Boston Market needs to reignite interest in the brand. 

Insight: Home-style meals taste best when they are eaten with other people.

Solution: Make people eat with each other.

Boston Market has the competitive advantage of serving full meals complete with delicious sides. This cuisine is served at holidays, because it brings people together. To eat it alone, cheapens the experience. Thus, Boston Market must stand for communal eating.

Target: The Lone Wolf

With the sunken look of despair in his eyes, the lone wolf is a career driven individual. His mid twenties to thirties are meant to be hard as he rises from the depths of middle management to the executive suite, but do they have to be so sad? He regularly eats his food from a sack at his desk, while conversing with his fellow desk bound indentured servants over the internet. This sad sack of a man needs to take a break sit down and enjoy a real meal with human beings rather than a computer screen.

Restaurant Redesign

From the greeter to the communal tables, the entire restaurant experience has been redesigned with the goal of facilitating conversation amongst guests. With our lack of Wi-Fi and cell signal blocking technology (where legal), Boston Market will remove the distractions preventing you from meeting your neighbors. Even the shyest of guests will be drawn into conversation with the help of our emcee. The emcee’s role will be to wander between tables facilitating conversations between guests. Our guests will leave with their bellies full and their spirits lifted.





The Campaign - Time to Eat with People

Our relaunch campaign will explain to the lone wolves all of the things that they've been missing by eating alone. The Out Of Home will be placed along our targets ride to and from work, while the radio will be put on the streaming services that our target frequents such as Spotify and Pandora.

Out Of Home



Feeding the Community

At Boston Market, our commitment to communal eating extends out into our communities to our most downtrodden members. With this in mind, Boston Market will donate every single scrap of unused food to local soup kitchens, but we won't stop there. We will partner with homeless shelters to provide programs, which will teach the homeless how to work in a restaurant’s kitchen. We will then work to find these men and women jobs in kitchens including our own. The ability to work in a kitchen provides them with  a valuable skill, which will hopefully give these homeless individuals the opportunity to get back on their feet.