Revamping John Kasich's Twitter

The Story

While walking the streets of New York City, I ran into Presidential Candidate John Kasich.  A few minutes later, I had his campaign manager's card and had made a vague promise to help him defeat Donald Trump. In an attempt to get a better sense of how I could use my certain set of skills to help,  I followed him on twitter and discovered an account that was missing the mark. The Governor's Twitter was used to announce his schedule and retweet positive press, but it failed to interact with any of his supporters or provide interesting content to draw in more followers. I decided that I could help by revamping the Twitter account and started putting together a plan to turn the Governor's Twitter from useless to useful. With the plan ready, I emailed his campaign manager with an initial idea that they should retweet posts from the crowd at his rallies rather than journalists. He put me in contact with their head of digital, for whom I put together the proposal below.